XA-XB Premium – The box may have shelf wear or writing on the outside but the printer is new, never used. Axiohm Parts Products and parts from Axiohm. Buying Format see all. Complete ID Card Systems. CM-RM Premium – 60 mm.

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The A printer is capable of printing Printr over 10 years now, AXIOHM has been recognized as the leader in the lottery and pari-mutuel printing solutions market. With its 56 mm printing width, the Premium version of this 60 mm mechanism was designed to maximize printing space, making it a cost effective and paper saving solution.

Whatever your printing needs, We have the solution! With a very low power voltage, under 3. Specifications above might be slightly different. Whatever your printing needs, We have the solution!

Whether it be for a bar receipt, an order-up printdr for the kitchen or for a front-of-house transaction bill, receiptAXIOHM has the printing solution for your hospitality receipt needs. Axiohm has been a presence in the gas pumps industry for over 10 years, working hand-in-hand with one of the world leaders in this market. Our wide array of thermal printing mechanisms are extremely easy to integrate with customer equipment and able to withstand heavy duty environments extreme climatic conditions, vibrations with a minimum level of maintenance requirements.


Chipset available Main applications: Available in both 80 and Its cutter life expectancy of 1.

Indeed, this series has encountered an unprecedented success, thanks to its capability to cut down dramatically the customer maintenance costs long life print head up to km of paper, high life expectancy of the auto cutter: Axiohm is one of the largest, most advanced, and reliable manufacturers of transaction printers in the world today.

Axiohm Parts Products and parts from Axiohm.

More refinements More refinements The A’s flat slip table remains the most accurate and user friendly way to print checks and multi-part priinter. Offering even greater safety and security, ASTERON features an ergonomic door-opening system with an advanced locking mechanism to prevent the door from opening unexpectedly. MHTA comes with an optional tear bar to offer a more economical solution compared to the cutter version.

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MHTA – 80 mm – Printer Type see all. Building on a history of innovation, the new ASTERON panel mount printer with an integrated paper bucket combines all the outstanding features Axiohm is known for: Its innovative design ensures also improved protection against spills and dust that might interfere with the printing process.

One of the best examples to printrr this statement is the RM mechanism whose compactness, high reliability 1 million cuts for the cutterTOF Top of form and paper management capabilities have widely contributed to the success of this series, on both parking meters and toll booths receipt markets. Axiohm B The Axiohm B printer has been prunter for maximum flexibility, performance and reliability, at the lowest cost.


Axiohm Printer – Same Day Shipping. Low Prices, Always.

In a word, they are ideal for unattended outdoor applications. Axiohm has been delivering high quality thermal printing solutions to the banking industry for many years.

Direct thermal label printer.

New owner will need the printer and a power cord. Upgraded with enhanced features to suit your prknter, ASTERON includes a KB microprocessor allowing for upside down printing and a much wider array of resident font page to be uploaded onto the printer.

Output Type see all.


Axiohm A The Axiohm A printer axiogm been designed for maximum flexibility, performance, reliability, and lowest cost. Complete ID Card Systems. Easy to integrate thanks to multiple mounting points, ASTERON is doted with a fast and innovative attachment system that enables you to simply clip the printer to any panel regardless of its thickness, thereby saving precious time when you need it the most.

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