And I want to share my impression. Expect other people in the room to find them more bothersome than you do. Overall, great product for the price. You get real knobs and faders for every control on the screen! See any errors on this page?

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It’s not anything that I would call loud. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.

I just wanted something to control the pan knobs and faders in Cubase and provide me with a few useful function keys and a basic transport section. I found that when I wanted to quickly solo behrinber channel I had to use the “shift” key first and then press the upper of the two unlabeled channel strip buttons.

Behringer Bcf2000 B-control Usb/midi Controller With 8 Motorized Faders

Music Education For Children. The built-in power supply is a nice addition, which keeps another ‘wall wart or ‘brick’ out of my cable bag. Overall a very, very good investment for anyone serious about mixing with a strapped budget.

Want to control your synth, mixe The final set of control buttons is the transport section. However, using it in such a spartan manner I find very rewarding. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from One of few things Behringer did right I have been recording in a home studio setting for many years now and my setups have gone though many changes and upgrades from entry level gear to true professional gear. There are other control surfaces out there but if you want this many features from other companies you will spend so much more.


You get real knobs and faders for every control on the screen!

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. By the way I gave this unit a “10” in sound quality because I couldn’t not give it anything with the website’s current configuration and I didn’t want to give it a “0” because that would dramatically lower it’s overall rating, which I didn’t think was fair.

The BCF is such a piece.

Behringer Bcf B-control Usb/midi Controller With 8 Motorized Faders | eBay

This is very useful and visual. It also has two buttons per fader strip that can be mapped to a user’s preference or used in one of a few standard, pre-mapped modes that usually correlate with basic channel strip function keys on a virtual DAW mixer. The latter allows one to select, adjust, set and control a myriad of functions. You will have to come across two MIDI cables on your own, but that should be pretty easy: As far as linking to other BCFs goes I have not done it and I have no need to do it so I can’t bheringer on the ease or usefulness of that particular feature, nor can I comment on using a foot switch with the unit because I have also never done that.

So I deliberately didn’t get deep with trying to control EQ a feature it can do with it’s knobs or trying to control plug-ins a feature I’m not sure it can do. Either way, if you decide you don’t like it, if you buy it from a company with a liberal return policy, you can always return it and look for a surface that is more to your liking. For me I decided that such a beast as the BCF was best used as simply and as consistently the same configuration as possible. Having motorized faders is a behrinver feature as well for traditional, fader controlled automation.


Very good motorised faders. Best of all, discover just how awesome MIDI can be! Accessories For Orchestral Strings. Behrinver happen to frequently use mine with another control surface that expands my customized function keys and allows me more flexible transport controls.

And the knobs have led indicators that reflect the value in your software or vst. In the bwhringer underneath those LEDs is another quartet of buttons actually labeled clockwise from the upper left: Moreover, having your various rotary controls mapped to the rotary encoders likewise makes the process seem more natural and familiar.

Assign a dedicated knob, fader, or key to your most frequently used functions and make edits without touching the mouse. Perhaps somewhat ironically almost everyone that bbehringer been recording on a less than “high end” budget in the last decade seems to have some experience with Behringer gear.

Having said that, in retrospect, there are really only a few things you need concern yourself with when setting this up.