Expressed simply, people sometimes make mistakes and their work is not repeatedly accurate without additional measures been taken. But in the last few years we have seen a trend towards intelligent manual work stations which combine flexibility from the human aspect with processing accuracy. How do you see the future, in your opinion which trends are currently on their way to us? The E-torque wrenches allow the testing of screwdriver spindles without their removal from an assembly station. The Handheld Screwdrivers for Special Applications. For these the highest processing reliability and dependability is required. Logistics, stock and purchasing, overall communication between all internal as well as external areas and processes so that customers or business partners are all interlinked.

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A damaging overtightened of the screw is impossible! To incorporate these features a screwdriving system is required which can communicate with a superior processing data storage device and fulfil documentation requirements.

Both systems allow recording of torque and angle values. That is very interesting. EC screwdrivers usually will need expert service personnel and specific measurement equipment.

DEPRAG handheld screwdrivers are designed to fulfill the highest requirements for the eeprag assembly.

DEPRAG SCHULZ Air screwdrivers – All the products on DirectIndustry

But in the last few years we have seen a trend towards intelligent manual work stations which combine flexibility from the human aspect with processing accuracy. Pneumatic screwdrivers can be simply and inexpensively repaired and maintained by on-site maintenance staff. This handheld screwdriver is designed for the use in rugged industrial applications and it assures extreme high up-times.


In comparison with today, back in the past it was only possible to guarantee processing reliability and precision with high additional costs. The robust and sturdy platform design guarantees permanent high measuring accuracies. The basic solution for nearly all screwdriving tasks of 0.

This Recycling screwdriver was designed as a tool that works for repair and recycling operations. Your suggestions for improvement: The constructive design of the screwdriver for the industrial use and the high quality of our tools guarantee the highest up-time and a very long life span. The basic solution for nearly pneumtaic screwdriving tasks of 2 Ncm 3 inch ounces to 70 Ncm 6.

There was a problem with your request. A system is selected depending on the individual features and criteria required. The operating costs cannot only be judged on the drive medium torrque also the incurred costs over the complete life cycle must be taken into account. The move towards electronic screwdriving tools is without question a legitimate one. Skip to main content You are here: Within the operating costs one should not only consider the comparison of energy prices but also the maintenance costs.

Here are several examples for the use of the most suitable measurement device for pneumaticc reliability requirements:.

Additional criteria include torque precision, operating data recording and statistical processing guidance. Our sensor-controlled EC servo screwdrivers are therefore used in the assembly of airbags.

The mechanical torque wrenches manual indicator ddprag can be used for simple adjustment or control tasks.



For nearly all industrial applications. This screwdriver serves well for a wide range of applications to include assemblies of During the actual assembly process, performing torque acquisition and screw-joint analysis is possible.

Ergonomic housing design For a sensitive and precise guidance of the screwdriver Integrated quick change chuck Allows fast and simple bit-change Can be attached to a DEPRAG screwfeeder For the ergonomic handling of the smallest connection elements ESD-execution For the dissipation of electrostatic charges Drive size is designed to accept standard bits with 3-mm drive according to DIN ISO The use of standard bits is a huge advantage through cost-saving and pneumafic availability Clutch can be adjusted externally The torque can be adjusted from the outside within a very short time without the need for special tools.

The press of the units’ trigger enables the supply of This skinny screwdriver — hardly larger than a ballpoint pen — is designed for the use in a rugged industrial area and this driver series assures extreme high up-times. However pnekmatic is a fact that pneumatic screwdriving systems are today still very often used.

Handheld or stationary with a torque range from 8 Nmm 1. Mr Hierold, can you answer my questions about the latest trends in screw assembly? The basis for this is consistent documentation of machine data logging and product data acquisition.