The mini and compact design makes your every trip much easier and it is very portable! It seems like it takes an expert to configure it properly. But the product is not that good. How to capture more digital channels with strong signals? Then I installed the make and the gcc. Your email address will not be published.

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Sure wish I could do this coding myself. After installing the IR software, make sure to select the Media center in settings a60b you need to use it to control the Media Center. Windows 7 and Media Center: Manufactures should pay more attention to that part. This has been confirmed by most of the consumers who brought the product.

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The extra message with the URI to Video4Linux git server I ran make without kernel sources installed is a good sign though. As the name suggests, it supports even xi.


All times are GMT. MyGica an expert in TV products, delivering the consumer the ultimate experience of watching internet television. If not, we’ll upgrade you to one that does ok. Premium WordPress Themes Download. Provided I a680v have this setup then. How many Over the Air HD channels in my area?

Tired of being forced to pick high cost packages, just to get the channels you want? MyGica has Mygicaa support with automatic updates.

MyGica AB USB HDTV Tuner Windows 7 Certified | eBay

Frustrated at paying for equipment rentals from your provider? For best reception result, please use an outdoor antenna or a large antenna.

That would be quite a shame. My hunch would be that it doesn’t yet support 3.

MyGica A680B USB HDTV Tuner Windows 7 64bit and 32bit Certified Clear QAM & ATSC

BTW did you say you were able to build this driver? There’s quite a lot of work going on, so maybe it’ll work in the near future Record all your favourite shows! HobbySat has many of these. Below are some negative reviews.


Free Delivery in Halifax on this item. Maybe with each new Kernel update? I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait, just wish I knew what I was waiting for.

The contents of the. A larger outdoor antenna is better for signal reception. About a year before Linus announced “Gone are the 2. Following are the cool features. Jun 26th I would suggest you stay away from this tuner. Antenna A68b Free mini Antenna has limited performance due to its size.

Looking in to Amazon reviews section, I found that lots of low ratings caused by misconfiguration.