Serrapeptase Benefits & Dangers

Serrapeptase Benefits


Serretia Benefits Originally discovered in the intestine of silkworms, the proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptase is harnessed by Arthur Andrew Medical through the isolation of the microorganism, Serratia E-15. Serrapeptase’s inherent ability to digest dead tissue enables the enzyme to successfully aid in supporting normal scar tissue, normal blood clotting, and allows for more fluid and natural blood flow throughout the body.*Serrétia has a variety of different benefits that may help with the following

:• Sport injuries*

• Promote healthy sinus activity*

• Promote free joint mobility*

• Muscle tears and pulls*

• Surgical recovery*

• Normal fluid retention such as swelling*Ultra Strength Serrapeptase 250,000 SPU’s SerretiaUltra Strength Serrapeptase 250,000 SPU’s Serretia is the first ultra-pure Serrapeptase rated at over 250,000 SPU’s; the highest activity commercially available. Many Doctors recommend Serrapeptase as their first choice post-surgical and sports injury supplement. Serrapeptase rivals Arnica Montana in maintaining healthy anti-inflammatory response and speedier recovery. Serrapeptase is an excellent mucolytic and promotes sinus and respiratory health. Serrétia is the world’s strongest serrapeptase encapsulated in Acid Armor capsules.

Acid Armor capsules are made of dense acid resistant vegetable cellulose and a more precise micro-threaded locking mechanism, in order to prevent premature leakage of the capsule’s contents. Our capsules do not contain Phthalates (plastic) that many serrapeptase manufacturers use for enteric coating.  Phthalates are banned in many countries including Mexico, because of their potential side effects, but are commonly used by America’s Pharmaceutical companies.Side Effects:Serratia Peptidase has been used for many years in Europe and Asia with virtually no adverse reactions or side effects.

However, it’s important to consult with your health care practitioner before taking Serratia Peptidase, especially pregnant women, those who have severe liver or kidney disease or blood-clotting problems and those who take anti-coagulants or blood-thinners. In rare cases, elderly people who took this enzyme for long periods of time have reported gastrointestinal irritation.

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